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                    Samantha, Darlene and the other ladies from The Crew turned and saw Antoine gathering up his souvenir program and reunion trinket as he prepared to leave the reunion.  He stepped slightly away from the table and gently pushed his chair back to the table.  For a quick moment, Samantha thought he would walk out without even a glance her way.  But then, all of a sudden, he slowly turned towards Samantha’s table.  His penetrating eyes made immediate contact with Samantha’s as he winked and gave her his characteristic slow smile.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind at Samantha’s table that his parting glance was intended just for her.  It was as if no one else was in the banquet room but the two of them.  Samantha, blushing uncontrollably, couldn’t help but smile back.  He then turned towards the door and left. 

                        “I thought you two would’ve gone out for coffee, tea or… something.”  Wanda piped in after watching Antoine leave the reunion.

                        “Nope.  We all came together.  We’re leaving together.”  Samantha responded with more resolve than she actually felt.

                        And why again didn’t I go have dessert with him?  Samantha took a sip from the glass of ice water on their table.

                        “I am sure Antoine wouldn’t have minded dropping you off at home…following your nightcap.”  Joyce offered.

                        “I don’t think that would’ve been a good idea.”  Samantha said, slowly losing the battle of convincing herself or the Crew that she was doing the right thing by not going with Antoine.

                        “Samantha, you are too good to your husband, who in all sense of the word is not really your husband anymore.” 

                        “Two wrongs don’t make a right Darlene.  You know how I feel about that.”

                        “Well, you know how I just hate to see you not take advantage of a chance meeting like this.”  Darlene sometimes couldn’t understand Samantha’s devotion to her philandering husband.

                        “I know.  But, if it’s meant to be…it’ll happen.” 

                   Samantha never mentioned to her friends that Antoine had given her his business card with his address, phone number and email information.  Nor did Samantha mention anything about the kiss they shared out by the fountain.  She resolved right then and there to do a couple of things within the next few days.  First, she would finally file for that divorce from Aaron.  Then, she would sit down at her computer and send an email to Antoine Sims.  It was way past time to do the first and just the right time to do the latter.




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