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                            HER STRONG TOWER


     A chance meeting at Samantha Gardiner and Antoine Sims’ 25th high school reunion reawakens strong feelings neither knew still existed.
     As their love for each other grows, so do the obstacles threatening to keep them apart.
Samantha’s ex-husband doesn’t seem to want to let go.  He doesn’t want Samantha, but doesn’t want anyone else to have her either.
     Samantha is strong in her business world, but weak in her personal life.  Now faced with the promise of a growing romance, Samantha refuses to accept anything less than total honesty and openness, even if that means the end of what could have been something special.
     Can Antoine finally release the guilt surrounding the deaths for which he felt personally responsible and love again?  Or is their love strong enough to risk revealing his secret past?    
     Antoine was Samantha's tower of strength during her troubled teen years…can he be that again?


                            CAST THE FIRST STONE


    Regina Bell is a sweet young lady with a not-so-sweet past.  Her petite shoulders have long carried the secret guilt and shame behind her brief affair ending in miscarriage.  Fearing how Robert Ward will react if he knew the truth, Regina withholds revealing it during the early stages of their relationship...but she is determined to tell him, when the timing is right.

     Robert is slowly recovering from a heartbreaking split with Rachel Wiggins. He failed to comprehend how Rachel could not maintain control of her life, emotions...her body.  Understandably hesitant about starting another relationship, he does quite a bit of soul searching, but believes he's found in Regina someone whose moral values match his own.

     Their relationship grows stronger, but not strong enough to withstand Regina's secret.  Robert's pride and controlling nature impede his ability to show the expected empathy.  But...does he have the right to cast the first stone?


                                A FRIENDLY BET


     A Friendly Bet…that’s how it all started for major player Jerome Hudson, whose mode of operation with the female population is ‘get in, get out…move on’. He considers himself Master of the Game when it comes to seducing young women.  Jerome refuses to believe that his game can’t be run on all types of young ladies, not just the attractive, empty-headed ones.  So he takes his best friend up on a $100 bet.  How was he to know the ‘plain Jane’ selected would be the one to turn the tables on him?

     Vivian Evans, once burned by a past hurtful relationship, temporarily takes a hiatus from the dating scene.  She doesn’t realize the young man who professes to only want a platonic relationship, is really running a game on her.

     Is either part of this unlikely couple prepared to deal with the emotional and physical circumstances that await them?